Documentum Certification – WDK Beta Exam Experiences (CMWP, CMA)

March 28, 2007

I had the opportunity to sit for the WDK Beta (CMWP) Test-the-Test exam this Monday.  It was a challenging experience.  

My Preparation:  I registered for the exam at the last minute on Friday so I had the weekend to prepare for the exam. 

I had attended the Documentum WDK Fundamentals and Advanced training offered by EMC.   I have hand-on experience with WDK customization.  Anyway, due to the time constraints, I decided to stick exclusively to the course materials provided  by EMC.   I prepared some notes and paid special attention to the syntax of XML files and WDK Tags and Classes.

My Experience:

I took around 3 hrs to complete the exam of 223 questions.  The exam was quite rigorous. It tested my technical knowledge and also my ability to concentrate 🙂  The questions were a curious mixture of – easy questions that touched only high-level concepts  & really difficult questions that dug deep.   I found myself staring at the difficult ones with no clue about the right answer.  There are a lot of code snippets to analyse.  I found that studying ONLY the WDK course material was NOT sufficient. 

Some Suggestions: 

The exam goes into depth on some topics that are not covered well in the WDK training.  The topics I found I was weak in were – Message handling, Error handling  and  Containers.  Pay attention to these topics if you are planning to prepare for the exam.  You may have to refer to the WDK Development guide for these topics.  

You should also have a good knowledge of how J2EE applications are deployed and configured in web.xml.  A basic understanding of Javascript is necessary to analyse the course snippets. 


The exam is of very high-quality.  I think that someone who passes the exam can be called a “specialist” in WDK.  I would compare the difficulty of this exam to Sun Certification exams like SCJP or SCBCD, where, you cannot pass the exam just because you know Java or EJB.  You will be tested for the depth of your knowledge. 

For everyone planning to take the WDK exam when it is released, Best of Luck!  

To the people who came up with the questions for this exam….  A part of me hates you all :p   No… seriously…  Great Job!!