If you are frustrated by the dismal the performance of the Android emulator, you should try out Intel’s Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager (HAXM) driver.   Android and Intel have introduced an Acceleration mechanism named HAXM.   http://developer.android.com/tools/devices/emulator.html#acceleration

 The bottom-line is that your Android emulator will run much faster.   See the bar in “RED” in the graph below. Bootup time is about 300% faster.   The Performance is about 700%.  Graphics acceleration will add another big boost.



Important Notes:

1) Download the driver through the Android SDK manager.   2) Must manually install the .exe file (or .dmg file for Mac) downloaded to the /extras/intel folder of your Android SDK installation

NOTE:  If you are using a Mac,  download the HAXM driver from here http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/intel-hardware-accelerated-execution-manager?page=1   .  Download release_1.0.4-hotfix  for Mountain Lion.  If not, your Macbook kernel will crash.  

After you install the HAXM,  Create a new Android Virtual Device (AVD) and choose the type as the Intel x86 image.   Also enable GPU for graphics acceleration.

Run the emulator and run your app.   You will be pleasantly surprised at how must faster everything runs.   In the long run, the better performance will save you a lot of time.   Try it out.

REFERENCES:  http://www.developer.com/ws/android/development-tools/haxm-speeds-up-the-android-emulator.html


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