Add a task from QuickSilver to TaskPaper

A variation of the script from:

This version has two enhancements
1) prefixes the entered text with a “-” so that it appears as a task
2) saves the file after adding the task.

To install it: (Full instructions in the link above)
Open Script Editor and paste in the script
Save the script as ~/Library/Application Support/QuickSilver/Actions/TaskPaper.scpt
Restart QuickSilver

using terms from application "Quicksilver"
on process text tasks_text
tell application "TaskPaper"
tell front document
if not (exists project named "Inbox") then
make new project with properties {name:"Inbox"} at front of projects
end if
tell project named "Inbox"
repeat with each in paragraphs of tasks_text
-- Add as a task by prepending with -
set myLine to "- " & each
make new entry with properties {text line:myLine}
end repeat
end tell
end tell
-- Autosave the file
front document save
end tell
end process text
end using terms from


2 Responses to Add a task from QuickSilver to TaskPaper

  1. amelchi says:

    thanks, is it possible for launchbar? how


  2. John says:

    On Quicksilver 1.1.3 (4007) on Mountain Lion, the part that tests the existence of the Inbox project did not work for me. Removing it and assuming that the project exists worked fine.

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